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Outgoing Pulse Minutes

Outgoing pulse minutes

All calls on Superfone are of 60-second pulse. 1 pulse minute is equal to nearest rounded up minute. Example: if a call is under 60 seconds, it is counted as 1 minute. If a call is for 1 min 2 seconds, it is counted as 2 minutes.

Free minutes indicated are for plan duration / billing period. These free outgoing pulse minutes  expire at the end of the subscription period.

Top-up of outgoing pulse minutes

After your free outgoing minutes are exhausted, you can top-up by buying additional outgoing pulse minutes.

Pricing details here


Validity: Purchased top-up outgoing pulse minutes are valid until consumed in total. If Superfone plan is not recharged even after 30 days, any unused minutes will get lapsed.

Track your balance on the app

Go to Menu > Plans & Billing on the app

Available outgoing minutes: Unused minutes can be seen here

Used minutes / total minutes: Shows the total used outgoing pulse minutes and the total outgoing minutes since your 1st subscription

Recent usage in the last 30 days: Shows the total used outgoing pulse minutes in your last 30 days

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Will I get a GST invoice for the top-up outgoing minutes?

Yes, this invoice will be available in the invoices section that can be accessed via the Plans & Billing page.

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