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Business Mobile Number


& many more business features  
*works over internet
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A single number  
for your business, customers & staff

A single number makes it easier for customers to connect with your business.


Share only one Superfone number with your customers and your team. Whichever team member is available will be able to answer the customer call.


Call recording  
for your entire team


All calls between customers and your team are auto recorded. 

Easily review all the calls using the Superfone app and improve the quality of customer interactions. 

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Powerful call features  
Notes, Reminders, Sharing

Share business card, catalogue, location, payment link, website etc from the call screen itself

Add customer tags like VIP, New Lead etc


Add notes about the sales enquiry


Add reminders for follow up

Smart caller ID 
with detailed customer information

Forgot the previous discussion you had with a customer?

Forgot if the customer is a new lead?

Worry no more!

Superfone's incoming call screen shows you all the past history of the customer. Now you can continue where you left off. 

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Zero Missed Call Guarantee  
Never lose a customer

Normal SIM based numbers result in many missed calls which results in loss of business. 

With parallel ringing, backup number ringing and auto missed call SMS, Superfone ensures that you never miss your calls. 


Plans that work for your business

Start with a 3-day Free Trial and then choose one of these plans
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All packs come with a 7-day refund guarantee after the 1st payment
SMS is not supported on Superfone number. You can setup Whatsapp, Whatsapp Business API, Truecaller Business without SMS. Please contact us for help. 
Fair Usage:
- Superfone is made for genuine small & medium businesses so that they can provide great experience to their customers. 
Superfone business phone number cannot be used for tele-marketing, call centre operations, spamming, bulk calling, whatsapp bulk messaging, bulk SMS, fraud and other purposes that are not permitted by law.
- In case of misuse, Superfone reserves the right to immediately stop all services, deactivate the number, and /or permanently blacklist the customer. In such cases, no refund will be provided and refund policy is not applicable. 
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