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Business Phone & CRM
for growing businesses

  • Customer communications like big brands

  • Deliver great customer service as a team

  • Turn more calls into sales

  • Integrated Whatsapp API & Marketing


  *Superfone requires internet connection to work
  ** SMS is not supported. 

Watch our demo videos

Hindi demo video (4 min)

English demo video (4 min)

Caller Tune mweb

A powerful phone & CRM app that makes
your business

Share Superfone number with your team
Superfone comes with integrated CRM
Accept multiple calls at a time with Superfone
Manage all your Superfone numbers via web dashboard
Cheapest IVR on Superfone
Track all your team activity on Superfone
Set custom welcome tune for your business
Transfer calls seamlessly on Superfone
Automatic call recording available on Superfone
Manage all user permissions

✨ Just launched

Integrated Whatsapp Business API
Integrated whatsapp bulk marketing
Frame 10871adv CRM.png

Superfone is  100x better than SIM card, for business usage

Communication & marketing tools used by big brands, now at your fingertips

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