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Cheapest IVR in the market just on the Superfone app
Upgrade your business calls
Add to your Superfone plan at just Rs. 299 /month*.
The most cost effective IVR only on superfone
*GST extra
Best IVR interactive voice response system only on Superfone

Frequently Asked Questions about IVR Feature 

What language options are available for IVR?
Currently, only English and Hindi are available. However, we are working on adding more languages soon.
Can multiple level IVR be set up?
Currently, only one level of IVR menu is available. However, the option for multi-level IVR is in the works and will be available soon.
What happens if an agent is on Do Not Disturb (DND)?
If a specific agent has set their status to DND, all other agents' phones will ring. You can also choose to end the call without ringing anyone.
Can both caller tune and IVR be active at the same time?
No, only one can be active at a time. You need to choose between caller tune and IVR. If you enable IVR, the caller tune will be disabled.
Does enabling caller tune in the app disable IVR ?
Yes, if you enable caller tune in the app, the IVR feature will be disabled.
Can IVR be enabled again through the app?
No, to enable IVR, you will need to contact us. It cannot be done through the app currently, but it will be available soon.
Can IVR be modified or deleted once set up?
Yes, you can contact us to modify or delete your IVR setup.
How can I test IVR before making it live?
You can test IVR by calling a Superfone test number provided by our support and go through each menu options.
Can I play an automatic voice response on IVR?
Currently, it is not possible to play an automatic voice response on IVR. However, this feature will be available soon.
How long does it take to activate IVR?
It will take upto 2 business days from the time we receive your request to set up IVR.
Best IVR solution on Superfone Business Phone and CRM
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