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Choose any plan of your choice

Do not try to create a Whatsapp account by yourself. Contact us to set it up

Whatsapp will block the number unless done via exact steps as Superfone is a virtual number


*How are minutes calculated?

All calls on Superfone are of 60-second pulse. 1 pulse minute is equal to nearest rounded up minute.  

e.g if a call is under 60 seconds, it is counted as 1 minute. If a call is for 1 min 2 seconds, it is counted as 2 minutes.
Free minutes indicated are for plan duration / billing period. 

**No expiry date on minutes top-up unless superfone plan is not recharged even after 30 days
Extra minutes via top-up remain until consumed in total. If Superfone plan is not recharged even after 30 days, any unused minutes will lapse.

Fair Usage Policy

We take pride in servicing genuine SMB customers by offering them great product features at very competitive prices. Fair usage of our services enables us to continue doing so. In order prevent misuse of our services, we follow our Fair Usage Policy very strictly. 

✅ All services offered by Superfone are for genuine business use only.

🔴 To avoid misuse, the following activities / types of usage are not allowed using Superfone:

  ❌ Unsolicited Commercial Communication to    DND numbers

  ❌ Bulk calling, Robo calling, automated dialling
  ❌ Spam calling & messaging
  ❌ Commercial Call C
enter operations
  ❌ Fraudulent / unlawful activities

🚫 In case of violation of this policy, Superfone reserves the right to block all services without any refund. 

How do we detect misuse / violation of Fair Usage Policy?

We deploy very advanced Ai based usage patten recognition that flags any usage that is not as per our Fair Usage Policy. Upon detecting this, our system immediately temporarily blocks all services of the concerned account. 

After further validation of misuse, the account would be blocked permanently. We do not offer any refund in such cases under any circumstances. 

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