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Plans & Pricing

Superfone Plans 070423 (11).png

* Unlimited minutes, capped at 100 calls per day per outgoing line

Superfone Plans 070423 (10).png

* Starter Pack is not available for renewal. After expiry of Starter Pack, renewal needs to be done either with quarterly or yearly pack. 

  eKYC & Business Verification are mandatory for activation  

Fair Usage Policy

  • Usage of Superfone along with any of its services is meant for genuine business use only

  • Superfone is not meant for telemarketing / bulk calling / spamming / fraudulent activities or any other activity that is prohibited by law

  • The company reserves the right to disconnect the number immediately without refund and permanently blacklist the customer in case of violation of Fair Usage Policy

SMS is not supported on Superfone number.
You can setup Whatsapp, Whatsapp Business API without SMS. Please contact us for help. 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the major differences between Standard Plan and Premium Plan?

The key differences are:

  • Double team size: The team size in Premium plan is 6 while in Standard plan it is 3.

  • Double the outgoing lines: You get 2 outgoing lines in Premium plan. This means, your team can do 2 outgoing calls at any time. 

  • 3x call recording storage: 30 days in Premium plan vs 10 days in Standard plan

  • Daily whatsapp report

2. Which Plan should I take?

While it totally depends on your business requirement, we have the following recommendations

Business type
Plan recommendation
A retail shop / very small office setup / freelancer
Standard Plan
A small business setup with a team size less than 5
Standard Plan
A medium business setup with total team size of up to 10 (or) with a small sales team
Premium Plan
A lead generation and tele sales business setup
Premium Plan + Additional outgoing lines
Business setup with field sales team (or) Agent based business
Field Sales Team plan (CUG like plan) with powerful Owner Web Dashboard.
Distribution business / own brand manufacturing and sales
Field Sales Team plan with powerful Owner Web Dashboard.
Franchise business with multiple outlets (or) Retail chain
Retail Chain plan with powerful Web Dashboard.

We understand that business requirements change and we want your business to grow. So, do not worry about what plan you choose. You can always upgrade and add more features to your Superfone plan as per business requirement.

Our sales team would be glad to help you to suggest an appropriate plan for you. 

3. How many calls can my team do at the same time in the Standard plan?

In standard plan you get team size of 3, along with 1 outgoing line and 3 incoming lines.

The following combinations are possible if everyone is on a call at the same time: 

max calls standard plan.png

4. How many calls can my team do at the same time in the Premium Plan?

In premium plan you get team size of 6, along with 2 outgoing line and 6 incoming lines

  • All 6 team members can receive incoming calls at a time. 

  • Maximum 2 team members can make outgoing calls at a time.

The following are some examples of combinations possible if everyone is on a call at the same time:

max calls premium plan.png

5. Can I add more outgoing lines to my plan? 

Yes, you can add more outgoing lines to any plan by paying extra charges. Currently, the maximum number of outgoing lines that can be added to any plan / number is 4. 

If you are looking to upgrade from 1 outgoing line to 2 lines, we strongly recommend you upgrade to Premium Plan as it not only comes with additional outgoing line but also with additional benefits like double team size, double incoming lines, triple call recording storage etc. You get these benefits worth more than Rs. 600 per month for a fraction of this cost!

6. Can I increase my team size? 

No. Team size depends on the plan. Standard plan comes with a team size of 3, while Premium plan comes with a team size of 6. Unfortunately the team size cannot be increased as of now. It may be possible in the near future for an additional cost. 

7. Can I get extra discount? 

No. We offer attractive discounts on our quarterly and yearly plans. We do not offer any other discounts over the prices mentioned in our pricing table. 

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