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Small business plans

Note: Above pricing is only applicable for small businesses who want a max of 10 members or less

Enterprise Plan

  • Manage larger teams with multiple Superfone numbers

  • Custom integrations, Webhooks & APIs

  • Automations

  • AI call summaries

  • Advanced Chatbots


*How are minutes calculated?

All calls on Superfone are of 60-second pulse. 1 pulse minute is equal to nearest rounded up minute.  

e.g if a call is under 60 seconds, it is counted as 1 minute. If a call is for 1 min 2 seconds, it is counted as 2 minutes.
Free minutes indicated are for plan duration / billing period. 

**No expiry date on minutes top-up unless superfone plan is not recharged even after 30 days
Extra minutes via top-up remain until consumed in total. If Superfone plan is not recharged even after 30 days, any unused minutes will lapse.

Important information:
  1. eKYC of Business Owner is mandatory for activation
  2. Business verification is mandatory. Check accepted document list

  3. Business Owner information in eKYC and Business Document must match

  4. We serve registered businesses only. Read our Fair Usage Policy
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