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Superfone Activation Process

Activation process involves 2 mandatory steps

eKYC by the business owner (Only if you buy business phone plan)

Business Verification

1. Certificate of incorporation

2. eKYC to be done by one of the directors or authorised representative with authorisation on the company letterhead (Only for business phone plans)

Alternatively, if the company is GST registered, you can do GST verification via Superfone app in 1 minute. 

Why do we do business verification? 

  • Superfone is a Business Phone Number with features made only for business use. We provide services only to genuine businesses so that they can provide a great experience to their customers.

  • We have business features like caller tune where business name is announced, and other business grade features like call recording. There are cases where some people represent themselves as some other business to cheat customers. Business verification process helps us restrict such misuse. 

  • We also do business verification in order to ensure that all the business features are given to only the rightful business owners & to protect business identity theft.

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