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Superfone can be shared with your entire team

Your entire sales team can use ONE Superfone number

  • Don't confuse customers with multiple numbers

  • Work as a team to win customers and deals

  • Track staff level activities. Avoid productivity loss. 

  • Protect your customer data from leakage from staff personal phones

Parallel Ringing means No More Missed Business Calls

  • All incoming calls ring on Superfone app of all your team members. 

  • Whoever is free can pick up the call

  • All call history is stored so that you don't ask customer the same details again

Tip: Don't want to receive calls, turn on DND on your Superfone app

Parallel ringing means no missed calls
Superfone call transfer

Close deals instantly with Call Transfer

  • Don't lose deals if your staff can't answer customer queries

  • Your team can transfer the call instantly to a superior or you

  • Solve customer issues quickly by transferring to another department

Superfone's inbuilt collaboration features lets your team work efficiently to close more deals and keep your customers satisfied. 

Number Sharing
Parallel Ringing
Call Transfer
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