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Manage multiple numbers for your team with a single powerful dashboard

Buy multiple numbers & manage your team

Buy a number, assign or remove staff anytime

Track your staff's complete activity

Get info on missed calls, hear call recordings

Control your customer data
Manage your complete customer information

Still dealing with the hassle of managing multiple SIM cards?
Not able to track what your staff is doing & who they are calling?
Do you know how many missed calls your business had?

Superfone's Owner Dashboard helps you manage all your business phone numbers so you know exactly what's happening in your business

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How does this work? How do I manage multiple numbers? 

The Owner Dashboard allows you to manage multiple Superfone numbers in a single place. To get access to this, contact us We will link all your Superfone numbers to a single owner account and then you can: - See each Superfone number & team’s details - Add or remove staff in any team instantly - See reports on call activity, hear call recordings - Track your staff’s daily activity - Control your customer data You will now become the overall owner of all your Superfone numbers & teams. You will then have overall owner permissions and your staff will be moved to team member permissions in the app.

What reports & information can I see?

You will see the below for all the Superfone numbers that you manage: - All calls data (incoming, missed, outgoing) - Staff level activity (calls, notes, reminders etc.) - Day, week & custom time wise reports - Customer data & reports on number of new customers contacted - Call recordings

How do I get access to this dashboard?

Contact us. Owner Dashboard is only for those who have multiple Superfone numbers. Contact us if you’d like to buy more numbers and would like a demo of this dashboard

How can I buy multiple Superfone numbers?

Contact us. Note that you must buy at least a 3 month subscription plan for each number if you want to buy multiple numbers and have access to the Owner Dashboard

What’s the cost of the Owner Dashboard ?

Today, Owner Dashboard is free but there may be an additional charge in the future.

Can I remove an existing staff member from a Superfone number?

Yes, you can do this instantly. Once the staff member is removed, they will no longer be able to access your Superfone number, account or receive/make any new calls. They will not have access to any customer data and will not be able to login to your Superfone number A push notification will be sent to all existing team members to let them know who has been removed or left the team

Can I add a new staff member to an existing Superfone number?

Yes, you can instantly add a new team member to an existing Superfone number. They will also be able to make/receive calls and see all past information in the account so they get started immediately. To invite, add their mobile number in . Tell them to download the Superfone app, create an account with the same number you invited and then click JOIN A TEAM.

How do I hear call recordings?

You can hear all call recordings for all your Superfone numbers. Simply open the call activity of that Superfone team/number and hear the call recordings. As an owner, you can also download and share call recordings

Can I change the caller tune and other details for each of my Superfone numbers?

You can only switch on/off caller tune & call recording today. Soon, you will be able to do all the below from the Owner Dashboard for all your Superfone numbers: - Modify caller tune - Change backup number - Modify missed call SMS - Change business details and other settings

Is there a discount if I buy multiple numbers?

Unfortunately no, there is no discount.


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Bhav. B. Singh

Very good app for SMEs, we never miss a customer call and beauty is all customer data at one place, you can chat, share, whatsapp to customers directly. 

Bande Kids

I was using some other solutions earlier. Finally a simple and cost effective solution for smaller business setups like mine. 


Loving this app. As a business phone, this app is helping us to be available for important client calls, as any of my business partners can pick the call.

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