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India's 1st
Business Phone Number
Franchise Businesses

Transform your franchise business with Superfone - built to

enhance customer experience, maintain brand consistency, improve staff performance, and drive growth.

Superfone is a powerful All-in-One solution for Franchise Businesses
  Superfone requires internet connection to work

SIM cards are making your Franchise Business inefficient. 
Switch to Superfone Business Phone system 

Caller Tune mweb
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Give multiple numbers to your staff members and manage them all via Superfone Web Dashboard

Centralised management
via Franchise Web Dashboard

Control & monitor phone numbers of all franchises from a single dashboard

  • Assign numbers to franchise outlets and staff

  • Track and monitor store & staff level calls

  • Access and manage all customer leads data from all stores

  • Add more numbers as your franchise business expands

Shared number

Maintain brand consistency
across all your outlets

Custom Caller Tune

Branded Caller Tune

  • Set same or custom caller tune across outlets

  • Upload branded jingle or recorded tune

Announce offers when customers call your branches
Marketing using Superfone

Announce offers when customers call

  • Add brand, area or outlet level offers and announce them to customers when they call

  • Change / modify the offers directly from the dashboard

Call Recording

Protect customer data
with secure access controls

  • Customer leads data from all your outlets is stored centrally

  • Access controls that allow you to protect data theft and potential leakage at outlet level

  • No customer data is stored on Staff phones

  • Staff leaving? Franchisee outlet closing?

         Worry no more! Remove staff or divert calls to     

       another franchisee or to your team!

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Auto call recording helps in training, product improvement and dispute resolution

Auto-call recording
helps in training, product improvement & dispute resolution

  • Listen to customer interactions to train new staff and improve the performance of outlet staff

  • Resolve customer disputes using recording calls

  • Ability to listen to real customer calls helps in improving your products and services. 

Superfone Web Dashboard allows you to on the top of all your business metrics

Powerful Analytics & Reporting
to help your business grow

  • Real-time activity data to make data-driven decisions

  • Daily reports covering call analytics across franchises and staff

  • To help you identify areas for improvement and measure staff performance & the success of franchise locations.

Supercharge your Franchise Business with Superfone!
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