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How to fix common call connectivity problems

Superfone is an internet based mobile number and a stable connection (not only high speed!) is necessary so that you enjoy uninterrupted calling with good voice quality.

Here are some steps that you can follow to fix common issues:

Issue: Unable to place an outgoing call

This may happen if your internet connection fluctuated & the connection between the Superfone app and server got temporarily disconnected 

> Don't worry, just wait for 1-2 mins and the app will automatically try to reconnect.
> Try switching your internet connection between Wifi and mobile data 

 > Force a re-connect by closing the app and re-opening it


If you are still unable to place a call, please contact us by clicking HELP from the top right section on the Superfone app.

Issue: An active call gets cut or ends in the middle

This may happen due to a host of reasons such as the other party's telecom provider, call drops at some circle or telecom tower or Superfone's telecom provider. This may not be indicative of any problem

Please ask the other party if they have call drops like this in their area with their telecom provider.

Note: Issues like these are mostly due to temporary telecom network problems or the other party having poor coverage in their area so identifying the exact reason may be hard.

If you continue to face very frequent problems like this, please do the below and we will attempt to investigate this

 > Go to Call history and locate the problematic calls

 > Click the problematic call to go to the Call Details page
> Click 'Report Call issue' button at the bottom

 > Select all affected calls & click Report issue


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