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Superfone's Guide to Using WhatsApp's Shared Whatsapp Feature for Business Communication

This post is the first in the series of three posts which explains how Businesses can use Whatsapp and Superfone to revamp their Customer Communication.

The importance of Whatsapp for Indian Businesses needs no explanation. The Jio revolution, while bringing internet to every nook and corner of India, also ensured that Whatsapp became ubiquitous to communication. More so, when it opened up modes of communication which earlier people were unaware of. Indians skipped the MMS phase and directly jumped to Whatsapp where not only were they able to message, they were able to send and receive images, music, sound and any type of files. People turned to Whatsapp for any kind of communication, be it business or pleasure. The launch of a separate app for Business (Whatsapp Business) furthermore created an important tool in Indian Businesses' toolkit which started helping them run their business. Features like Business Profile, Catalogue and Quick Replies further strengthen the value proposition for Indian Businesses. The latest revolution in Whatsapp Business features is its launch of Shared Whatsapp on Multiple Devices. As per Whatsapp in its blog post: "Today, we’re improving our multi-device offering further by introducing the ability to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple phones." "if you’re a small business owner, additional employees are now able to respond to customers directly from their phones under the same WhatsApp Business account."

Imagine this: There is a customer with whom you are communicating on Whatsapp. You are in a Business which deals with high value customers. Due to some work, you did not respond to the user on time. (All B2B businesses including Manufacturing, Distribution and service providers fall in this category. Even some B2C businesses have a high transaction value like Health Service Providers, Insurance, Marriage Services, Banking, Real Estate, Education etc also have a similar scenario.) This customer is as good as lost. There is a high chance that the customer may be interacting with other businesses like yours and will consider to choose the provider who is communicating in a better manner. At times, you are able to salvage this customer by giving them a call later but there is no guarantee. Now with Multi-Device Shared Whatsapp, your chats are centralised. Anyone who is a part of your team has now the access to read and reply to your customer chats. Suddenly, you are able to harness the power of your team on Whatsapp as well. Your business partner or your staff can take over your chat, reply to the customer when needed and hopefully your customer's enquiry turns into your revenue. So, where does Superfone come in, The customer does not just message you. As is with all high value transactions, Indians do not close a deal on just Whatsapp. They like to talk to you on phone. At times, they will keep switching between calls and Whatsapp. Superfone allows you to share you Business Phone Number with all your team members. It makes sure that your Business phone number is shared as well. Along with Call Recording, Business Caller Tune, IVR and multiple other features, Superfone ensures that any customer has a single phone number which also becomes your Business Identity. And who knows more than a Business about the importance of a Business identity.

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