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Choose to make calls via Superfone App or from your SIM card

Calls can be made via 2 calling options on Superfone App

1. Via Internet

​In this case call is made directly via your Superfone app, and uses your internet connection (Wifi or mobile data). 

Internet calling comes with on-call and post call features that are very powerful.




2. SIM Based Calling

To ensure a good calling experience even with a weak internet, we have implemented SIM-based outbound dialing as an alternative mechanism for making outgoing calls from Superfone.

Why SIM-based Outbound Dialing?

For greater reliability when your internet coverage is not good. 

Calling experience even when on weak internet coverage

Customer sees your superfone business number

Call recording will available on the app after the call

How SIM-based Outbound Dialing Works

STEP 1: Please go to settings and check that "Call via SIM" is "ON"

STEP 2: Initiate a call on the Superfone app, then choose "Call via SIM."

STEP 3: Choose your desired SIM card (SIM1/SIM2) on your phone's dialer.

STEP 4: An outgoing call is initiated between your SIM number and Superfone number.

STEP 5: Our system connects you to the end customer automatically. 


1. Customers will see your superfone number not your SIM card number

2. Incoming call flow remains unchanged. All incoming calls will land on the Superfone app directly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which number will be seen by customers when I make calls via SIM?

Your customer will see your superfone number not your SIM card number.

As my staff is dialing from there phone, they can save my customer number on their device?

Your staff will see superfone number on their phone dialer and not you customer number. So, on the phone call log they will see superfone number but on superfone call log you will be able to see customer number which was dialed.

Will my call recording be saved if I call via SIM?

Yes you will be able to find your call recording in superfone call log.

Can I identify SIM via calling in superfone App?

Yes, you will see a small SIM icon in the call log under that number as shown in image.


Superfone App is asking to enter a Number, when I select "Call Via SIM"?

When you see something like shown in the image, please enter your SIM card number and not your superfone or customer number. Also, go to Settings -> Advance settings -> Switch "ON" Improve SIM selection.

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