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Grow your business
Whatsapp marketing!

 Powered by Official Whatsapp Business API 

Bulk campaigns & Click-to-Whatsapp ads on Facebook and Instagram

1 Shared Whatsapp inbox for all your team

Take orders & appointments, send reminders,

payment follow ups and more

Shared phone number + Shared Whatsapp Business!
Only Superfone makes it possible!

Get our special launch offer!

Send Bulk Campaigns officially!

No fear of being banned by Whatsapp

Highest delivery rates guaranteed

Share products, offers via interactive images and buttons 

Track campaign data such as delivered, sent, undelivered metrics


Shared inbox for your team

1 Shared Whatsapp inbox for your team

Message as a team - work together but customer sees 1 voice

Permission controls so you choose who can do what

Assign chats and tasks to staff

show phone + whatsapp and 1 number on top with the superfone logo. add team avatars below

Caller Tune mweb

Only on Superfone!

Shared phone number + Shared Whatsapp Inbox


Answer calls or Whatsapp chats - all on 1 Shared number

See all customer interactions across your team in 1 place

Schedule to send automatic Whatsapp reminders

or messages based on your call

Do more with Superfone's Whatsapp Business API
Run Ads that Click-to-Whatsapp
on Facebook & Instagram

Attract new customers

CTWA image.webp
Set Auto-replies and Scheduled Messages

Set payment or appointments reminders to be sent via Whatsapp

Setup Auto-replies such as Welcome message, Away message or other

Readymade chatbots for Education, Travel, Retail and other industries

Chatbots that reply 24x7 instantly and help a customer buy a product, book appointments or

learn more about your business

Answer common questions automatically so you can focus on high value customers or those who need help

Get our special launch offer!

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