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Superfone Partner Program
Terms & Conditions

Part A) ​General terms & conditions

  1. Superfone Partner Program ( “Partner Program” or “Program” ) is an invite-only program by Truegrit Technologies Private Limited (“The Company” or “Company”). 

  2. Selection & termination of any partner under this program is at the sole discretion of the company. The company is not obligated to appoint anyone as a partner under this program irrespective of what claims they may have. 

  3. The Company at its sole discretion can change the terms and conditions, validity period, selection criterion, commission structure, continuance of the program and other details related to the Partner Program at any time. Such decisions will be communicated by the company with all the associated partners, and attempts will be made to update all the details on the company’s website and communicated via email etc, on best effort basis. 

  4. Any situation that cannot be tackled by these terms and conditions will be dealt with by the company specifically and will be at the sole discretion of the company. 

Part B) Partner payouts related terms and conditions

  1. A partner’s onboarding process is considered completed only after receiving the welcome email from the company containing the partner’s link / login and other details. 

  2. Partners will not be eligible to get payouts under the Partner Program for any referrals done using Superfone app, before their onboarding process is completed. Any such referrals done via ‘refer and earn’ program or any other program on the app do not come under the Partner Program. 

  3. Partner Program commission is not applicable on self purchases

  4. Partner Program commission cannot be claimed by employees / associates of the end customer

  5. Payouts will be made only after due verification of each claim. In some cases, additional proofs may be requested. If proofs are not provided, such claims will be rejected. No appeals to reconsider the claims will be entertained. 

  6. Bulk purchase is NOT eligible for commission payout under Partner Program. If there are such requirements, they will be handled on a case-to-case basis by our team after proper due diligence with the end customer. There is no commitment of payout and the quantum of payout for any such requirements.  

  7. Payouts under the Partner Program will be done only to bank accounts registered with the name / firm name owned by the registered partner. The bank details once registered and verified cannot be changed under any circumstances. 

  8. In case of wrong claims or misrepresentation or attempts to defraud or fraud, the partner will be immediately terminated from the program. No appeals to restore the partner status will be entertained. The partner link / account will be deactivated and no commissions (even if outstanding) will be paid out.

  9. Partner Program commission is only applicable on non-refunded accounts. No commission will be paid against refunded accounts. So, by default, the commission will be considered to be confirmed only after the completion of the refund period (7 days currently). If a refund is processed to the end customer after 7 days due to any reason, the Patner’s commission will be reduced from the future payouts if any.

  10. If there are a lot of refund cases from customers referred to by a specific partner, the same partner will be terminated from the program at the sole discretion of the company. 

  11. First commission payout will start rolling only after 3 successful sales. This means any one who registers as a partner but doesn't do at least 3 sales, will not be eligible for any payout. Once this same partner does 3 sales or more, all the payment related to earlier sales will automatically be paid out. 

  12. All the payouts will be done on the 15th or 30th of every month, on a best effort basis. There might be some delays owing to external reasons, requirement of extra audit and due to operational reasons. 

  13. The company can put a partner’s payout on hold indefinitely if extra audit is required, and till it could be ascertained that the claims are valid as per T&C of the program. 

  14. TDS or any other deduction applicable will be done before the payouts are made.

  15. Partners can further offer discounts to users from their own commissions / payouts. 

  16. Any partner who is inactive for a consecutive period of 90 days will be automatically considered terminated. Such partners need to go through a re-activation process.   

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