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Superfone comes with integrated CRM

Integrared CRM
for business growth & happy clients

In this digital era, CRM is one of the most important growth factors for any business. 

However, most CRMs are complicated and tedious to use.

Superfone's simple-to-use integrated CRM helps you get the benefits of CRM without all the hassles.


CRM features built into the call screen

Superfone's smart call screen has CRM features like Notes, Quick Message, Reminders and Tags integrated into it. 

  • Quick Message allows you to store catalog, website url, location, payment link, images etc on Superfone app and share during the call. 

  • Reminders ensure you never miss a follow-up with a potential lead

  • Notes help you capture important information like negotiation, customer requirement etc

  • Tags help you segregate your leads

Track your calls with integrated CRM features


  • Lead tracking and management from Whatsapp ads, Facebook ads, Google ads, forms, website

  • Lead forms with complete tracking

  • Task management and assignment

  • a lot more CRM features, all integrated into Superfone app

AI power coming soon on Superfone
  • ChatGPT powered auto-tagging

  • ChatGPT powered auto-call summary & action insights

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